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Channeling of Aging Cast Iron Pipes & Clay Pipe Cracks

Most residential and commercial sewer systems that were installed under the concrete slab, prior to the early 1970’s, were constructed with cast iron. The life span of cast iron pipe is 25-30 years. Over time, the bottom of the horizontal pipe “channels” away or literally disappears due to the flow of water through the ferrous cast iron pipe. The pipe channeling exposes the soil below the pipe, which leads to soil erosion creating voids below the original drainage system that can cause possible foundation settling of the structure above the piping system


This erosion process along with the exposed jagged edges of the decaying cast iron pipe causes clogs, stoppages, and sewer pipe failure in residential homes, complexes, commercial buildings and industrial properties. CLAY PIPE (Earthenware) was not typically used under buildings and structures; instead it was installed under landscaped areas, asphalt roadways, and concrete parking areas. Long-term ground settling, tree roots, and water erosion/soil washout lead to clay pipe failure due to cracking, pipe separation, and soil/tree root intrusion.