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Case Study - Educational Services Sector Organization, PTA

Rehabilitation of a Multi-sized Pipeline

Industry/Market: Educational Services Sector Organization, PTA

Situation: The facility management team of a college in Pretoria contacted Nu Flow due to consistent blockages and leaks in the drainage system. Located in the heart of Pretoria Central, it was suspected that the drainage system was quite old and needed replacement.

Upon conducting a CCTV Pipeline Inspection, multiple displaced joints and intruding junctions were discovered in the 18.2-meter pipeline, confirming the need for rehabilitation.

Solution: Traditional replacement was not possible due to structural disruption and interference with the structural integrity of the building so Nu Flow offered an innovative solution that allowed for the internal rehabilitation of the line, without causing disruptions. After carefully assessing the client’s requirements and project specifications, Nu Flow decided to utilize 18.2 meters of DN200 – DN300 3HT Glass reinforced Liner, coupled with Nu Flow’s patented NuDrain 2K Epoxy System.

The chosen liner offers numerous advantages, particularly in this case, as it can start at the minimum diameter of DN200 and expand up to the largest diameter of DN300 within the multi-sized pipeline, all in a single installation process.

The end result:
Nu Flow has created a new, seamless pipe within the old, damaged host pipes.