Southern Sun - Elangeni & Maharani

Chiller pipe renewal at Southern Sun – Elangeni & Maharani

Elangeni & Maharani

Nu Flow were called to repair two 210mm steel chiller pipes which were leaking into the hotel.

One pipe carries water from a pump room in the basement to the top of the 120 meter high building and the second pipe carries water back down to the pump room passing through the floor slabs on all 36 floors of the building.

The chiller pipes were leaking in a few places and were decommissioned. The Hotel wanted the chiller pipes repairs urgently with as little disruption as possible, especially as this was over the December holiday period where the hotel operates at maximum capacity.

A few methods of pipe repair were considered, but Nu Flow was the chosen solution because Nu Flow was the least disruptive solution available.

The two chiller pipes were lined from top to bottom using Nu Flow’s structural lining technology to create a new pipe within the host pipe.

The pipe was disconnected at the top and bottom of the building. The pipes were then descaled and cleaned using a pneumatic driven cleaning head and Renssi pipe cleaning chains with tungsten carbide tips which aggressively descale steel pipes.

Epoxy impregnated liners were then lowered down the pipes from the top of the building into the correct position. Within the liners is an inflatable bladder. When the liners are in position the bladder is inflated and left inflated until the epoxy has cured. The bladder is then removed leaving behind a “nu pipe” within the original corroded host pipe.

The hotel was able to continue its day to day operation during December peak season with no guests aware that over 200 meters of pipe within the building was been repaired.

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