SABMiller Brewery Namibia

Nu Flow relines at SABMiller Brewery Namibia

SABMiller brewery, Okahandja, Namibia

SABMiller brewery is the world’s second largest beer producer, operating in six continents and is British-owned. SABMillers brewery in Okahandja, Namibia experienced failure in a drain pipe network which runs beneath epoxy-coated floors, concrete slab and beneath the brewing process plant’s heavy machinery, brewing tanks and 30 MPA concrete floor.

The PVC piping could not withstand the high volumes of hot and acidic water during brewing process discharges and began collapsing. If the customer had chosen a traditional repair method, it would have caused a significant amount of damage and business downtime, which the customer objected. The customer was also looking for an eco-friendly solution that would create little to no waste.

Nu Flow provided the ideal solution for this customer, since the customer did not want any disruptions to operations and the failing drain pipes needed to be rehabilitated as quickly as possible. Nu Flow South Africa relined the failing 110mm, 160mm, 200mm and 250mmm PVC drain pipes for the facility using the Nu Drain system, Nu Flow’s innovative, in-place pipe lining solution for drainage pipe systems.

The entire Nu Drain process was performed using existing access points, so there was not any destruction to the property. First, the underground drain pipes were thoroughly cleaned. Then, an epoxy-soaked liner was inserted into the pipes. Once Nu Flow’s High Temp epoxy cured, a protective and seamless structural liner was left in the pipes, reusing the host pipes and improving them to a better-than-new quality.

The project was executed at night, in-between brewing process discharges, per the customer’s request, to prevent disruptions to the brewery’s operations. The Nu Drain system with Nu Flow’s special High Temp epoxy will withstand the building’s constant discharge of acids, oils, chlorine dioxide and high volumes of hot water.

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