Case Study - National Prosecuting Authority

Potable, Pressure, Small Diameter, Nu Flow Lining

About the NPA (National Prosecuting Authority)

Section 179 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (Act No. 108 of 1996), created a single National Prosecution Authority (NPA).

The Office of the National Director of Public Prosecutions was established on 1 August 1998. The NPA comprises of the National Director, who is the head of the Office and manages the Office; Deputy National Directors of Public Prosecutions; Directors of Public Prosecutions and Special Directors; other members of the prosecuting authority appointed at or assigned to the Office; and members of the administrative staff at the Office.

The Constitution, read with the said Act, provides the prosecuting authority with the power to institute criminal proceedings on behalf of the State and to carry out any necessary functions incidental to instituting criminal proceedings.


The National prosecuting authority of South Africa contact Mobile Leak Detection Services (A Nu Flow Licensee) to investigate a leak in their piping network. Nu Flow South Africa and Mobile Leak Detection Services conducted a CCTV Pipeline Inspection survey and the following defects were observed due to the age of the fire suppression pipeline system.

· Numerous Pin Holes / Holes

· Many Displaced Joints


Replacing the pipeline was completely out of the question as the pipe ran below the full length of the Victoria and Griffith Mxenge building. The only option was to reline the pipeline and as quickly as possible.


Nu Flow’s unique technology was the most cost-effective solution in this situation. Mobile Leak Detection Services technicians cleaned the inside of the damaged pipeline and with the help of Nu Flow South Africa proceeded to reline and seal the pipeline. The section of pipeline was relined using Nu Flows’ dn 100-150 structural, glass fibre liner, impregnated with Nu Flows’ white water resin potable epoxy thereby creating a “Nu Pipe” within the broken host pipe. The lining process was completed in half a day and considered a complete success.

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