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Copper Pipe Problems & Repairing Solutions

Many homes built in the 1960s aand 1970s have copper pipes in the plumbing systems. The reason is because copper is long lasting – the problem is it doesn’t last forever. Copper pipes should be replaced every 20 years and on occasion even sooner than that. Over the years not only does corrosive residue begin to build up, but also the copper actually begins to wear down and leaches into the water. Mixed with all the other chemicals that are allowed in the U.S. water system, this can create a toxic chemical cocktail.

Copper Pipes Can Corrode

If you still have the original copper pipes in your home that means they have been building up corrosion and even leaks, especially after several decades. If the water pH level is below 6.5, it creates the perfect environment for corrosion to begin. A breakdown of copper pipes will not only leach copper into your tap water, it can cause pitting, which is a bunch of tiny leaks that allow even more contaminants to enter the pipes and the water that passes through those pipes.

How Did That Get in There?

Copper can enter the water through contact with the plumbing. Then it leaches into the water by dissolving or wearing away of metal caused by a chemical reaction between water and your plumbing. Copper leaches into water mostly from pipes, but fixtures, brass faucets, and fittings can also be a source. The amount of copper in your water depends on all the different minerals already in the water, how long the water remains in the pipes, the amount of wear inside the pipes, and the water’s acidity and temperature.

Repairing Copper Pipes

You can combat the issues that copper pipes are causing in your home by calling Nu Flow. Our patented system can repair your copper pipes without having to replace them. This incredible system leaves your pipes in place. All pipes are cleaned of years of build-up, which will give you improved water flow. Once the pipes are dry, Nu Flow then lines all your copper pipes with its patented epoxy lining giving you brand new pipes for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

The Benefits

When Nu Flow adds their patented pull-in-place structural lining throughout your home, you will notice several benefits including:
• Longer pipe life
• Little disruption to your daily life
• Home and landscaping remain unharmed, no digging!
• Big savings over re-piping or replacing pipes
• Less copper contamination in your water

Copper – The Good & Bad

Copper is a mineral and it’s a nutrient that human bodies need but just like most things, copper is okay in small doses but at high concentrations it can be toxic. If copper, as well as several other minerals, is consumed in mass quantities it can produce damaging oxidant radicals.

Excess stores of copper and iron can lead to the development of diseases in older age:
• Alzheimer’s
• Arteriosclerosis
• Diabetes
• other neurodegenerative diseases

The copper in drinking water is inorganic, which means your body processes it differently than the copper you get in food and vitamins.

Don’t risk it. Give Nu Flow a call today and see how we can help you fix your copper pipes. We are your one stop source for all commercial and residential pipe repair solutions. Our epoxy linings will make them “better than new”.

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