QC - Equipment Checklists



Please check the following:
Registration & Number Plate, Safety Manual, First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher, Tire Status & Inflation, Wiper Blades, Exterior Status (Stickers/Paint/Damage), Windows & Windshield & Wipers, Headlights & Turn Signal Status, Interior Status (Clean/Safe/Damage), Brake Fluid & Brake Operation, Engine Overall Status, Engine Oil Status, Transmission Fluid & Hydraulics Status, Battery Status, Air Filter Status, Power Steering Fluid Status, Air Conditioning Status


If YES, please check the following:
Push Rod Systems:
40m, 60m, 100m Meter Inspection Camera Reels (cables working), Skids – 3,4 & 6 Inch, USB with lanyard, Skid Key, Power Supply, Sonde Housing, Connection Cable, working CCU Box, Kettle Plug, Camera Head (it the picture clear), SD Cards, Screens for the Cam-Cams and are they working. Charged Camera Batteries
Crawler Inspections:
Crawler, Camera, Pressure Kit, Manhole Top Roller, Cable Pulley Guide, Torque Wrench for Crawler Wheels, Link Cable, Power Cable, Cradle, CCU, Reel, Generator, Ladder, Weight Plate, Rope with hook for lowering crawler, Wheels


If YES, please check the following:
Oil Level, Unit Clean, for Leaks, Water Filter, Lance and Handle, Water Reservoir, Bolts & Nuts, Pressure Gauge, hour meter, reel.
Oil Level, Unit Clean, for Leaks, Petrol Lid, wires, Key Plus Spare Key, Pull Start, Engine Clean, Throttle.
Lights, Tow Plug, Jockey Handle, Spare Tyre & Lock Key, Number Plate, Licence Disk, Trailer Wheels, Body Paint, Jack, correct wheel spanner.
Nozzles, hoses, rods, drain machine, springs, joins.


If YES, please check the following:
Check for Oil, Fuel and Water Leaks, Electrolytes Level, Radiator Coolant Level, Moisture / Water Air Receiver tank, Oil Levels, Air Cleaning Duct Indicator, Actuation of Safety Value, Wiring & Piping for Lose Connections, Correct Function of Each Instrument Connector, Grounding Compressor, Smoke Emission, Air Hose connection & Fittings, Whiplash Arrestor and Fire Extingisher.


If YES, please check the following:
Extension wires for thermocouple 10m, Steam Machine, Steam Hoses @60 meters Steam cure Air pipes (60m), Adjustable Air end set with various orrifice size, Non-return Valves.

CCUV Light Control Box With Extension Cable, Air hoses for Compressor to Master gun, Master Gun or UV Packer with control unit, UV Light Train, NuCure Liner (job specific), UV Resin (job specific),Calibration Hose (job specific).

Large Tripod & 2 Ton Winch, Small Tripod & 1 Ton Winch, Low Tack Green Lining Tape, H.D Swivels, 1/4'' Anchor Swivels, Air Ends 3, 4, 6, 8'' Liner Air End with Hose, Push Rod Air End, Push Rod Torpedo Lead Head, 75' Black Push Rods Plus Fittings, 60' Of 3/8 Yellow Fibre Glass Push Rods.

Calibration Rollers for Liner Impregnation, Small roller for liner Saturation, Metabo Drill With 2 Batteries, Charger & Accessories, Vacuum Pump with suction for liner, Vacuum Pump Gauge, Rollers, Mixing paddle, Buckets for Mixing Resins, DropSheet, Resin Part A & B (job specific.)

Bandit Clamp Tool T-300, Pull Ends, Bandit Clamps 3 - 6'', Pull Strap, Heat Resistant Cable Ties, Safety Box for the Liner,Liner (job specific).

AIR + & -:
Spare Air Fittings for Compressor (male & female), Air hose - Extension Reel retractable hose (12m/15m), Compressor Air Hoses & Fittings, Air Pressure Regulator (hi-tech), Air Pressure Regulator Gauge & Fittings, None return Valves, Glycerine filled Pressure gauge - 2.5 / 6 / 10 / 16.

Measuring Scale with power supply and/or batteries, Infra-red Thermometer Gun, Testo Probe, Major Tech Thermocouple, Moisture Meter.

(75-150mm, 100-2000mm, 150-300mm Pneumatic Plugs.

Ridgid Locator

110 Renssi Machine and Accessories.

Metabo Grinder With Batteries, Petrol Operated Generator 7500W or two 4000W in case of power failure, Metabo Cut-off Saw, Fully Equipped tool-Box with hand tools, Inversion Drum, Extension power cable Reel, Fully Charged Spare Batteries (for battery operated equipment), Crowbar, Spade, Pick, Jerry Can, 30 Meter Tape Measure, Two-Way Radios With Rechargeable Batteries, Hand Torch, Hammer.

Insulation tape, Duct Tape, Gloves, Thinners (5 Litre), Oil and sponge for liner Lubrication, Alcohol wet wipes, Disposable Paper Towel Roll, Waste Bucket for waste disposal, Silicone Spray, Cloth Lappies.