Root intrusion

If tree roots or any type of organic plant material is found to be the cause of a drainage pipe clog or stoppage, it usually indicates that there is a hole, crack, or separation in the pipe. This is true of any type of pipe that makes up the sewer drainage system.

Any moisture leaking from a pipe will eventually attract root intrusion from surrounding plants.

Roots will enter the pipe and literally grow inside the pipe and as they grow they expand the hole or crack to allow larger/multiple roots to intrude. Given time,what starts out as a hair-sized root can end up growing in size to the width of a man’s arm.

Nu Flow offer a long term, permanent solution to root intrusion.

Tree Root Intrusion

The affected pipeline is cleaned and the roots removed using drain machines, jetting and specialized Nu Flow cutting tools to completely remove all blockages and return the pipe to its full diameter.

Nu Flow then line the pipe with a structural liner, which creates a new, seamless pipe within the old, damaged host pipe. Because the Nu Flow liner creates a new seamless pipe with no joints, roots can never enter the pipe again.


Tree Root Intrusion1