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The World’s Leading Inside-Infrastructure Corporation


History of Nu-Flow

Founded in Canada in 1998, Nu Flow’s initial focus was on manufacturing and installing patented and proprietary trenchless drain and sewer lining solutions primarily targeting single-family residences. Cameron Manners developed this technology over a four-year period based upon his work in the sheet metal and sewer lining industries and desire to identify new applications. After recognizing the need for small diameter lining, Mr. Manners founded Nu Flow. After various precursor prototypes, in 2000 Mr. Manners patented a new methodology for a “sleeve within a sleeve” lining to deliver a liner with an internal bladder to damaged drain and sewage lines and pipes. This process is somewhat similar to a stent being placed in a heart (angioplasty for a building). The second key patent, granted in 2005, protects Nu Flow’s presence “inside the building” by providing the ability to line around multiple bends which is very important given the pipe architecture within a building.

In 2001, Nu Flow began licensing its technology to third party entities (mainly plumbing companies) growing from 10 licensees in 2001 to 250 by 2008. Nu Flow supports the licensees by providing initial and ongoing training, supplying installation equipments and epoxy as well as job support on complex jobs.

About Nu Flow

Nu Flow is the global leader for the small diameter pipe lining industry, with 300+ worldwide licensees, including a presence in every inhabited continent. The Nu Flow Companies manufacture and install innovative, non-invasive, eco-friendly technologies for the restoration of failing pipe systems. Nu Flow is the only small diameter pipe lining company to provide dual lining technologies from a single source and is master licensee for the longest time-tested small diameter lining epoxy in North America. Pipe rehabilitation applications domestically and internationally include but are not limited to residential complexes, commercial multi-story structures, industrial and government facilities, hospitality and medical facilities, oil rigs, maritime vessels and underground utilities.

The Technologies

Nu Flow manufactures and installs innovative green technologies to rehabilitate the inner
infrastructure of deteriorated or failing potable, mechanical, gas, petroleum and drain piping
systems using in-place epoxy coatings and structural liners. Several patented lining options provide
cost-effective solutions for use in virtually any type of pipe, in every market sector, installable in any
types of environments. Nu Flow is committed to the concept of inside infrastructure clean water
solutions and is the world leader in small diameter pipe lining solutions.

Corporate Overview

The Only “One-Stop-Shop” Solution For Drains and Potable Water Pipe Rehabilitation

The Nu Flow companies manufacture and install innovative green technologies to rehabilitate the inner infrastructure of deteriorated or failing water piping systems. Pipe lining restoration is a non-invasive procedure that uses epoxy to coat the inside walls of pipes or create a long-term protective pipe inside host piping systems, without destruction to interior or exterior surfaces of structures or landscapes. Nu Flow offers total inside infrastructure clean water solutions.

Our Mission

Nu Flow is a progressive pipe lining manufacturing and installing company that’s goal is to bring our insitu
pipe rehabilitation technology inside the aging high-rises, skyscrapers, industrial facilities,
manufacturing plants, water treatment facilities and other types of large properties and buildings.
While the government’s focus is primarily set on xing the large diameter pipes that make up each
city’s supply and return lines, we attend to building owners and property managers, who also need an
effective solution to aging pipe problems.

We are not your basic plumbing business, nor are we the typical infrastructure company. Our hightech,
patented solutions are installed by skilled professional technicians and we do not create new
infrastructure – we instead renew the present plumbing system to stop and prevent failures. When our
customers learn about our advantages compared to all the drawbacks of a traditional repipe, there is
no questioning why Nu Flow is the better choice.

Our Market

Property managers, facility managers, building owners, public works and contracting rms can take
advantage of Nu Flow’s innovative blown-in and no-dig technologies for the residential, commercial,
industrial, municipal or government properties they oversee. The bigger and busier the building, the
more the customer benets from our solutions.

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