Powerful air-driven cutters that provide unmatched precision and versatility for small diameter pipes. Micro S Light Plus is the perfect tool to tackle lucrative small-diameter rehab work.

The head of this powerful cutter travels as far as 164ʼ in 3–6″ lines. Once in position, it clamps pneumatically and offers joystick control for three axes of motion:


Perfect for both horizontal and vertical work, the Micro S Light Plus fits in small access openings and snakes through 4″ lined elbows. An onboard, self-cleaning camera provides live visual feedback on a 10″ touchscreen monitor. Pressurized with nitrogen, the sealed head carries an IP54 rating, accepts various cutting bits, and detaches for easy transport. The entire system travels on a wheeled cart weighing just 104 lb.

    • Air-driven, multi-axis cutters that power through any material
    • Built in water separator to remove any moisture or condensation from your supply air, to prolong cutting motor life
    • Built in air gauge to insure proper operating pressure
    • Cutting bit extension to hit those hard to reach spots
    • Able to navigate both ways of directional clean outs
    • Brushes and a wide selection of cutting bits available
    • Emergency stop switch located on the cart and in the control box
    • Three LED lights power indicators
    • Quick turn and locking connector to connect hose and robot
    • Optional extension for up to 9″ lines

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