Industry Expertise

Nu Flow technicians and trainers are simply the best in the business. Our small-diameter lining technicians have worked with the most advanced industry technology and have tackled a vast array of large and complex projects around the globe.

Market Dominance

Nu Flow has a strong reputation for exceptional product offerings and service worldwide – and we have the market penetration to prove it. As a Nu Flow installer, you will be able to leverage a network that is already 15 years in the making, which often translates to better profits right out of the gate when compared to competitors.


Nu Flow offers a 24/7 technical support line. We work in every time zone, so we are always available to our installers. Nu Flow also offers On-Site Training to all licensees, Advanced Tech Training Courses and offers one-on-one on-site support to Licensees. In addition, Nu Flow Licensees are always welcome to train with our corporate technicians, sales team or management.


Nu Flow gives you the ability to line both hot and cold water lines, sewer lines and all mechanical systems inside buildings. With Nu Flow cured-in-place-pipe lining (CIPP) and epoxy barrier-coating technologies for inside infrastructure, there are few limits on what you can tackle in less time and with less effort.

Low Startup cost

Compared to other lining systems, a Nu Flow Startup Kit is an affordable investment and more importantly, often offers a faster return. Nu Flow offers various packages to accommodate our customers and many licensees recover their investment on the first job. Ask one of our Account Managers about available finance options.

CO-OP Marketing

Nu Flow has developed a CO-OP marketing plan that allows our Licensees to create custom marketing pieces for their area. Nu Flow is able to negotiate premium rates with vendors due to our large Licensee base, and in some cases will fund your Nu Flow branded marketing efforts.

Interested in learning more, or just have a question? Speak with an Account Manager today!