Nu Flow relines at 45 Angus

45 Angus, Longmeadow Business Park

The warehouse at 45 Angus in the Longmeadow Business Park in Edenvale is being expanded and refurbished.

It was found that there was a major leak on the 70m long 160mm diameter fire line running under the paved area surrounding the warehouse. The pipe ran two meters below the surface. The fire line has steel pipes above ground with PVC underground.

The pipe supplying the warehouse with water for hydrants and the sprinkler system was leaking at its joints. Because the whole area above the pipe was covered with a concrete slab, excavation to replace the pipe would be both time-consuming and costly for the building contractor..

Nu Flow relined the pipes with Nu flow’s red potable blown-in-place relining system. The pipe network has multiple 90° elbows and tees. This was no problem. Nu Flow used the fire hydrants as access points to blast the epoxy through the pipe system coating the inside of the pipe and sealing the leaks. No damage was done to the paving saving the client both time and money.

The system was re-commissioned quickly once the relining had been completed.

No excavating, no damage to infrastructure, no mess!

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