Nu Flow re-lines pipes in ABSA Towers

ABSA Towers, Johannesburg, Gauteng

ABSA Towers were renovating the building and in the process were repairing all damaged and corroded pipes. There were however 7 pipes running through the heavily secured high voltage room which powers the entire ABSA complex. It was impossible for those pipes to be replaced as access to the room is absolutely prohibited for security reasons. Shutting down or interfering with the room would have severe consequences. Imagine the chaos if ABSA towers’ electricity were to fail or be shut down, or if leaks burst over the high voltage room? It was simply impossible to replace these pipes. ABSA made the best choice – to have the pipes re-lined.

Nu Flow re-lined the cast iron pipes running through the highly secure electricity room with Nu Flow’s pull-in-place structural liners. ABSA were able to remain 100% operational during the process thanks to Nu Flow.
No damage to structures, no mess, no disturbance!
The end result is a new pipe with in the old pipe

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