Bidvest Facilities

Bidvest invest with Nu Flow

Standard Bank Building, 157 Oxford Road Sandton.

Nu Flow was called by Bidvest Facilities Management to camera inspect a piping system at the Standard Bank Building in Sandton to determine the cause of the dampness and water leaks inside the buildings walls on the 10th floor.

Upon arrival on site Nu Flow found visible damp and water damage to the wall on the 10th floor. The CCTV camera inspection revealed a shifted joint on one of the 110mm storm water downpipes allowing water to leak into the building.

Nu Flow relined the 110mm pipe using Nu Flow’s trenchless structural lining technology in order to avoid further damages within the building.

An epoxy saturated liner was pulled into the pipe. Within the liner is a rubber bladder which is inflated when the liner is in position.

The bladder is left inflated until the epoxy has cured. Once the epoxy has cured, the bladder is removed leaving behind a ‘nu pipe’ within the host pipe.

The relining was done working from the full-bore on the roof and outlet at the bottom of the pipe.

As a result of Nu Flow’s trenchless technology, no disruption was caused to the employees on the 10th floor during the process – it was business as usual for Standard bank !

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