Renewed Sewer Line for Blairgowrie Primary

Blairgowrie Primary School, Johannesburg

Blairgowrie Primary School established in 1959 situated in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg schools just over 850 pupils from grade R to grade 7. The fee paying public school aims to keep class sizes smaller at a ratio of 1:20 to ensure pupils get the individual attention needed for learning and development.

The primary school was experiencing constant blockages on the main sewer line from the school to municipal sewer line. Contractors would unblock the line and within a short matter of time it would block up again. Blairgowrie Primary School called Nu Flow to investigate the ongoing problem.

A CCTV camera inspection of the inside of the pipe line revealed that the old 110mm Earthenware sewer line was cracked in multiple sections and had tree roots growing into the pipe causing it to block continuously. The section of pipe in question comes from toilets, kitchen and staff room, runs under part of the school building, a corridor, under a play area with jungle gym and benches, under a section of the sports field and out to a manhole where the pipe feeds into the main municipal sewer line.

The Primary School did not want to replace the pipe line because of where the line runs. They would need to chop open a section of the building and corridor, dig under the benches and jungle gym and through part of the sports field.
Blairgowrie Primary School chose to rather have the pipe relined with Nu Flow.

Nu Flow relined the sewer line with structural liners impregnated with epoxy resin. The work was done from 2 PM in the afternoon working into the evening to ensure the schools day to day activities were not disturbed at all. The relining was done working from an existing manhole and inspection eyes thereby causing no damage or disruptions to the school.

How it works:
Step 1) Pipes are inspected to identify problem areas and to determine how much pipe is in need of rehabilitation.
Step 2) Pipes are cleaned and roots removed prior to relining.
Step 3) An epoxy impregnated liner is inserted into the pipe and pulled into position. Once in position the inflatable bladder is blown up and left inflated until the epoxy resin has cured.
End Result) Once cured the bladder is removed leaving behind a “nu pipe” within the host pipe.

NO chopping open!
NO damage!
NO mess!

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