Cape Town Fish Market – Leaking Drain Pipes

Cape Town Fish Market, Eastgate, Gauteng

The Cape Town Fish Market had 50 meters of 110mm HDPE pipes that were leaking. The pipes were affecting the Edgars store below. The water leaking into Edgars had a terrible fish smell and needed to be stopped urgently. The leaking pipe runs with in the floor slab. Cape Town Fish Market needed to urgently solve the problem, but were not able to close the restaurant for weeks while contractors chop open the floor slab to replace the pipe.

Cape Town Fish Market turned to Nu Flow instead.

Nu Flow South Africa re-lined the pipes with Nu Flow’s pull-in-place structural liners working from existing access points. Nu Flow South Africa had to use Nu Flow’s high temperature epoxy due to certain chemicals been washed down the pipes along with constant high temperature water from washing dished and table cloths. Nu Flow were able to solve Cape Town Fish Markets problem with out the restaurant needing to close its doors for weeks while contractors chop open the floor slab, replace the pipe and then patch up the damage.

No Damage to structures, No Digging, No mess!
The end result is a “Nu Pipe” within the old pipe.

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