Castle Mansions

King of the Castle

Castle Mansions, built in 1931 was the tallest and most modern building in Johannesburg at that time.
In 2004 the building was bought by a property investment group and converted into 135 apartments which are currently in use.

Nu Flow was called by Castle Mansions Facilities Management to investigate a full bore on the roof of the building that was suspected to be leaking and causing water damage inside the building.

An internal CCTV pipe inspection revealed that the cast iron full bore was corroded and leaking in sections allowing water to leak into the building whenever it rained.

Castle Mansions did not want to have use traditional plumbing methods to repair the pipe as this would involve chopping open the roof slab, replacing the pipe, patching up the damage and redoing the affected section of waterproofing. Castle Mansions turned to
Nu Flow for a fasted, non-disruptive solution.

Nu Flow relined the full bore using Nu Flow’s trenchless structural lining technology in order to avoid further damages within the building.

An epoxy saturated liner was pulled into the pipe. Within the liner is a rubber bladder which is inflated when the liner is in position.

The bladder is left inflated until the epoxy has cured. Once the epoxy has cured, the bladder is removed leaving behind a ‘nu pipe’ within the host pipe.

The relining was done working from the full-bore on the roof and outlet at the bottom of the pipe.

As a result of Nu Flow’s trenchless technology, no disruption was caused to the buildings residents.

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