Nu Pipes for Dairymaid

The Dairymaid factory was experiencing problems on 5 x 110mm steel drain pipes running from floor drains within the factory to outside the building. The bottom of the pipes were completely eaten away from chemicals used to clean the floors.

The problem with this factory is that the pipes run under the factories epoxy coated floors which had recently been recoated. The factory also has large machinery bolted to the floor. Replacing the pipes would involve moving the machinery, breaking through the floors, replacing the pipes, patching up the damage, re coating the floors again and then moving the machinery back into position. This sort of downtime was not an option for Dairymaid.

Instead they turned to Nu Flow

Nu Flow relined the pipes with structural liners creating a new seamless pipe from the floor drains to where the pipes exit the building.
The work was done over a weekend while the pipes were less busy.

How it works:
An epoxy saturated liner is pulled into the pipe.
Within the liner is an inflatable bladder.

When the liner is in the correct position the bladder is inflated and left inflated until the epoxy has cured.

Once the epoxy has hardened the bladder is removed leaving behind a “nu pipe” within the host pipe.

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