Case Study - Department of Health

Inside-Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project

Nu Flow has successfully completed an inside-infrastructure drain-lining project, rehabilitating multiple aging vertical stacks.

Industry / Market: Commercial / Facility Management, PTA

Client: The Department of Health.

System: HDPE / PVC / Galvanised mild steel pipelines totalling approximately 630meters in length, with diameters of 4″ and 6”. The only pipeline access points were found on the roof.

Situation: The aged pipe systems, being over 30 years old, had shifted and corroded, causing significant cracking, and leaking. Some of the cracked storm drains ran in the ceiling, making Nu Flow’s trenchless technology superior to other repair options.

Solution: Nu Flow technicians cleaned and rehabilitated the stacks using the Picote Maxi Miller and specialised cutting tools. After the corrosion and dirt was cleaned out, our structural lining was pulled into the pipe systems, covering the cracks, stopping leaks, and preventing future issues. Nu Flow rehabilitated 616 meters of 6” and 14 meters of 4” pipelines with 2HT and 3HT glass-reinforced structural liner and its internationally patented 2K epoxy which created a new, seamless pipe within the old, damaged host pipe.

The End Result: A relined pipe, repaired from the inside.
The liners are expected to last another 50 to 100 years.