Relining pool pipes at Dunblane Estate

Pool at home in Dunblane Estate, Pomona ,Guateng System: 2 x 50mm PVC suction pipe networks, and 2 x 50mm PVC return pipe networks ,with a total length of 100m.

A network of 50mm PVC pipes situated beneath stone tiling were leaking.

The action of replacing the aforementioned pipes would result in chopping through the expensive stone tiles, as well as a section of the swimming pool. After the pipe replacement, the damage would need to be rectied, and the stone tiles replaced.

By using Nu Flow’s potable water pipe relining system, Nu Flow South Africa was able to reline the pipe. Firstly, the pipe was sandblasted to remove any dirt and create a rough surface, for the epoxy to adhere to. The epoxy was then air-blasted throughout the pipe network coating the inside, this resulted in a barrier coating all the leaks, and inevitably sealing them. The pond and surrounding areas did not adhere to any damage ,as all work was done from existing access points.

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