Relining pipes at East Gate shopping center

East Gate Shopping Centre

A Cast Iron storm water stack running from the roof to ground oor by Entrance 12.

The pipe runs within a column and was leaking and causing water damage to the entrance. Replacing the pipe was not a suitable solution since the pipe runs within a structural column.

Nu Flow South Africa rst camera inspected the pipe to nd the problem areas and determine how much pipe was affected and in need of lining. Nu Flow then cleaned and descaled the pipe using Nu Flow unique Micro Cutter unit returning the pipe to its full diameter.

Nu Flow then pulled an epoxy impregnated structural liner into the pipe. With in the liner is a bladder which is then inated and left for a few hours while the epoxy cures. One the epoxy is cured the bladder is removed leaving behind a “Nu Pipe” with in the host pipe.

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