Nu Flow re-lines full bores at East Gate Shopping Centre

Eastgate, Gauteng

Eastgate Shopping Centre had a serious problem: two full bores were leaking into Woolworths causing water damage to the store. Two other full bores were leaking into Stuttafords also causing water damage to the store and yet another full bore was leaking into a passage near the Clarks store.

Replacing the pipes would mean that part of the parking lot and building would have to be chopped open for access. After the pipe is replaces, the damage to the parking lot as well as the two stores and passage way would need to be patched up and repainted. This would take weeks to do and result in mess, noise and damage to the buildings structural integrity.

After successfully using Nu Flow trenchless pipe rehabilitation services on the Cape Town Fish Market and Woolworths store in the past, Eastgate Shopping turned to Nu Flow yet again to solve the full bore problem at hand.

Nu Flow first cleaned all the full bores using Nu Flow’s unique Micro Cutter cleaning machine. Once the pipes were clean, Nu Flow used pull-in-place structural liner to re-line the full bores. Nu Flow worked from existing access points, causing no damage to building.

The end result is a new pipe with-in the original pipe.
No mess, no noise, no damage!

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