Case Study - Emergency Patch Repair, Cape Town

Case Study: Emergency Patch Repair – DN500 Potable Line

Situation / Problem: The client, West Coast District Municipality took urgent emergency measures when a burst 15bar pressure, potable DN500mm Steel Pipeline was reported to be losing water and leaking straight into the Pig Pen.

Solution: After cleaning and inspecting, it was discovered that there was one significant hole in the line. Due to various constraints, and time limitations, excavation, and replacement of the pipeline at that location were not feasible.
To address the damage, Nu Flow employed specialized grinding and cutting pipeline tools while adhering to all pipeline entry health, safety, and environmental (HSE) requirements. After performing Polymer engineering calculations and making necessary preparations, including mixing and cutting the lining material and potable epoxy, the decision was made to install a two-layered multifunctional patch within the pipeline.

The first layer consisted of a one-meter super 5ht glass fibre structural tube, which effectively prevented water infiltration into the pipeline. The second layer was a meter, multi-layered hybrid liner comprising of super 1000 GSM structural tube combined with 5 layers of fibreglass. This custom-built patch was designed to withstand the working pressure of 16-20 bar once the line was commissioned.

Completing the project took 40 hours, and the structural liner created a seamless and highly durable patch within the pipe. This solution provided a reliable and long-lasting remedy for the identified holes, ensuring the integrity and functionality of the pipeline while avoiding the need for extensive excavation and replacement.

Nu Flow’s efficient and innovative approach enabled a successful resolution within the given constraints, emphasizing our commitment to delivering effective solutions while minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

The next step will be to line the pipe using our 20-bar ASOE W-Series liner to prevent any future failures from occurring.