Nu Flow “saves Life”

Entabeni Hospital, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal


Life Health Care takes pride in their patients well-being and health care, making sanitation one of their primary concerns.

When Entabeni Hospital experienced seepage from a corroded 110mm cast iron sewer line in the trauma unit, the Life hospital acted immediately.

Entabeni Life Hospital could not easily replace the pipe as it ran within the floor slab of the trauma unit and main reception areas. Relocating the trauma unit during a lengthily traditional pipe repair was not an option.

Because of its commitment to sustaining the environment, Entabeni Life Hospital turned to Nu Flow for a less invasive eco friendly green sustainable option.

Ganga Plumbers, a Nu Flow licensee, assessed the pipes using the latest CCTV techniques discovering the pipe was so badly corroded it could be broken with ones bare hands.

Ganga Plumbers effortlessly relined the troublesome pipe with Nu flows Green Building Council approved pull-inplace structural liner system working from existing access points causing no disruption or structural damage to the building resulting in a new pipe within the old pipe. No Mess, no chopping, no damage to structures!

As for the patients, they remained completely unaware the pipe beneath their beds had been rehabilitated allowing Life patients the peace and dignity required to recover in a quiet sanitary environment.

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