Nu Flow rescues Ethekwini pool

Ethekwini Pool, Platt Drive – Isipingo Hills

The level of the water in the pool dropped rapidly within days.

The pool was drained to locate the point of loss. A CCTV camera survey carried out on the 160mm cast iron pipe from the weir to the drain valve revealed severe corrosion along the entire length of the pipe. The 90° bend at the pump room end was totally rusted away.

The corroded pipe is the source of the water loss. Replacing this pipe would involve extensive excavation and would require breaking open the bottom of the pool. Not only would this be very expensive, it would also require that the pool be closed for an extended period.

Nu Flow licnecee Ganga Plumbers technical team CCTV camera surveyed the line and identified cracks and severe corrosion in the pipe.

The pipe was cleaned using Nu Flow’s unique micro cutter and specialised cleaning heads to descale the pipe and return it to it’s original diameter.

The pipe was relined using the Nu Flow structural liner. The entire project was accomplished from existing access points without damage to the pool structure or disruption of the immediate environment. An epoxy saturated felt liner, with a rubber bladder inside it, was winched into position. The bladder was then inflated and the liner was allowed to cure in place. After the curing was complete the

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