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Case Study - Facility Management, JHB

Nu Flow’s unobtrusive process is better because it prevented disruption, destruction, and high costs.

Industry / Market: Residential / Facility Management, JHB

System: Rehabilitation of an earthenware piping system; 50 meters of DN200 main sewer line and 3 x lateral pipelines (27,5 meters of DN110)

Situation: After heavy rains, the sewer system, located throughout the complex, would block up and overflow, an obvious sign of pipe system failure. The facility management members sought a long-term fix that would not cause interruption to the residents of the complex and their day-to-day activities.

Solution: A traditional re-pipe repair would have been three times the cost of Nu Flow’s Pull-in-Place technology, so the customer was happy to utilize our trenchless technology. Nu Flow technicians thoroughly cleaned and de-rooted the lines with HP Jetting Machines and the Picote Maxi Miller. We proceeded to install our 3HT Glass Reinforced structural liners in-place. Nu Flow technicians worked on a strict schedule and in a timeous manner so there were no interferences in normal operations and the residents know exactly when they would be without water as they had been advised of the project plan.

Including the reinstatement of the 3 junctions into the mainline, the project was completed in four days.

The End Result: A successful job worthy of praise.