First National Battery – Damaged Sewer Line

First National Battery, Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa

First National Battery had a problem with their sewer line which was built over and now runs under the building. The man hole is now also under the building with an entrance for access to the manhole which makes working in the manhole very unsafe and unpredictable.

A plumbing company was called in to assess the drain and if possible clear out blockages. The plumbers found a bigger problem than initially anticipated so they started digging for the pipe after it exited the manhole.

After a hole of 2m x 3m x 2m deep was excavated they got to the 110mm earthenware pipe and saw that it was much deeper that the man hole and therefore there had to be a ramp which complicated the issue even more.

At this point the plumbers called Nu Flow to assist with a better solution.


Nu Flow South Africa first assessed the pipe with CCTV pipe inspection camera and saw it was earthenware pipe which had collapsed in numerous places throughout the length of the pipe running under the building.

At this point Nu Flow asked for pipe bursting to be done. Two very specialized pipe bursting companies were called in and both walked away from the project as it was not suited for their technology. This left Nu Flow with no option but to do what they do best, that is solve problems, regardless!

Nu Flow reformed the broken pipe then pulled a Nu Flow structural liner in place relining the broken pipe. The customer was left with a brand new pipe with in the old broken earthenware pipe eliminating the dangerous manhole without any additional excavating. What a job!!

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