Case Study - Foreign Representation Organisation

Industry / Market: Foreign Representation Organisation, PTA

Situation: If tree roots or any type of organic plant material is found to be the cause of a drainage pipe clog or stoppage, it usually indicates that there is a hole, crack, or separation in the pipe. This is true of any type of pipe but especially earthenware pipes that make up the sewer drainage systems.

Tiny tree roots can enter loose clay plumbing joints, growing bigger and breaking away the clay as time goes by. Old, crumbling clay pipes can result in expensive sewer repairs.
This was the case with this client and the constant blockages they were experiencing. Looking for a long-term, permanent solution to their constant drainage system problems the client contacted Nu Flow.

Solution: The affected pipelines were cleaned and the roots were removed using drain machines, jetting, and specialised Nu Flow cutting tools, restoring the pipeline to its full diameter in preparation for lining.

Nu Flow then rehabilitated 78 meters of 110mm diameter pipeline with a structural liner and its internationally patented epoxy which created a new, seamless pipe within the old, damaged host pipe. Because the Nu Flows structural liner creates a new seamless and extremely hard (1700 MPA modulus) pipe with no joints, roots can never enter the pipe again.