Nu Flow re-lines at Forest House

Forest House, Durban, South Africa

The client complained of continuous dampness and seepage of water from the down pipe into the concrete slab when it rains. The drain gutter is copper and joins into a 75mm cast iron down pipe.
The point where both pipes meet was heavily corroded and leaking under the slab onto the passage way also causing dampness to the slab. Ganga Plumbers were called to find a suitable solution to the problem.

Ganga Plumbers, a Nu Flow licensee, first cleaned the pipes using Nu Flow’s specialized cleaning tools. Once the pipe was clean Ganga Plumbers re-lined the pipe using Nu Flow pull-in-place structural Liners.
All work was done from existing access points thereby causing no damage to the building.

The end result is a new pipe with in the old pipe.

No Mess, no chopping open, damage to structures!

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