Glenardle Ave – Leaking Storm Water Pipe

Glenardle Ave, Durban, South Africa

In Glenardle Avenue Ganga Plumbers, a Nu Flow licensee, responded to dampness and building movement to a newly extended part of the house. Ganga Plumbers investigated and found that the extension was built on an existing storm water cast iron drainage pipe. They surveyed the pipe and found it to be severely corroded and therefor causing the seepage into the foundation of the house and evident dampness. Ganga Plumbers was requested to find a solution to the situation.

Ganga Plumbers first accessed the integrity of the laid pipe and submitted a report to the client. The only option was to re-line the pipe with a structural liner to create addition strength for the pipe and stop the seepage. This was the ideal solution as the building structures were left intact. A Nu Flow pull-in-place structural liner was used to reline the pipe. The problem of the pipe moving position was eliminated as well as the dampness caused by the seepage.

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