Glenturret, Durban – Leaking Waste Water Pipe

Glenturret, Manor Road, Durban, South Africa

Glenturret had a 110mm cast iron waste water pipe laid buried under the building and continued under the joining staircase of the property. There were continuous blockages and evidential dampness in the rooms above caused by leaks in the pipe.

The 110mm diameter pipe was accessed using a CCTV surveying camera and revealed that the pipe was heavily corroded with rust which was causing the blockages.

Replacing the pipes was not an option as this would mean the stair case and the foundation will be interfered with. Ganga Plumbers were called to find a suitable solution to the issue at hand.

Ganga Plumbers, a Nu Flow licensee, first cleaned the 110mm diameter pipe using Nu Flow’s unique pipe cleaning tools. Ganga Plumbers then re-lined the buried pipe with Nu flows pull-in-place structural liners and replaced the accessible corroded pipe with PVC. Ganga Plumbers were able to re-line the pipe from existing access points without having to break open or cause any structural damage to the building.

The end result is a “nu pipe” with in the old pipe.
No Mess, no chopping open, no damage to structures!

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