Relining at Gold Reef City Hotel and Casino

Gold Reef City Hotel and Casino

The hotel was experiencing water damage in the new Milky Lane due to a 230mm PVC pipe down pipe which was leaking. The pipe runs inside a wall from above the third floor into the main storm water drain in the basement.

Gold Reef City did not want to replace the pipe due to the noise, mess and permanent scarring to the hotel that goes together with a traditional pipe replacement project. Gold Reef City turned to Nu Flow for a quicker, less disruptive solution.

Nu Flow relined the 230mm pipe with a structural liner working from the full bore on the roof as the only access point thereby causing absolutely no disruption to the hotels daily operations.

Hotel guests in the rooms below where we were working remained completely unaware that the pipe running inside their hotel room wall was been rehabilitated. The job took Nu Flow less than half a day to complete.

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