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Nu Flow relines at Hollard Insurance

Holladr Insurance Company’s Head Office in Park Town, Johannesburg

Reline sewer pipes running under a section of road and beneath the security control room and boom gate.

12 meter section of 110mm PVC pipe.

The pipe was badly damaged in several places. Some of the breaks in the pipe were as large as a man’s fist. The worst section was a full 500mm missing section below the entry control boom.

The time estimate to replace the pipe using conventional means was a minimum of three days. This would have meant the full closure of the gate for the duration of the replacement plus the additional cost of restoring the road surface.

Nu Flow South Africa were able to offer a cost effective and time saving solution to the client. Nu Flow relined the sewer pipe by pulling an epoxy saturated liner into the pipe from existing manholes. Once the liner is in position the bladder in inflated and the epoxy left to cure. By working from manhole to manhole the work was completed in less than a day without any digging and with minimal disruption to traffic on the site. The structural liner provided a strong new pipe inside the old damaged sewer pipe restoring proper flow.

Are you concerned about elbows & tees in pipes?
Nu Flow can reline 90 degree bends & tees effortlessly!

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