Nu Flow re-lines home in Waterkloof

Waterkloof, Pretoria, Gauteng

The home in Waterkloof experienced continual blockages in a cast iron and earthenware drain pipe. Initially the pipe was unblocked and opened annually. As the pipe deteriorated further it needed to be unblocked biannually, then every 3 months, and eventually every 2 week at which point the home owner finally said enough is enough!

Replacing the pipes was not an option as they run under the granite and tilled modelled kitchen as well as under the passage and living rooms. The home owner turned to Nu Flow for a solution.

Efficient Plumbing, a Nu Flow licensee re-lined the cast iron and earthenware drain pipe with Nu Flow’s pull-in-place structural liners.

The job took Efficient Plumbing a fraction of the time that replacing the pipes would have taken despite the fact that the pipes contained multiple 90 degree bends and multiple junctions.

All work was done working from existing access points causing no damage to the beautiful interior of the home.

No mess, no noise, no damage!
The end result is a new pipe with-in the original pipe.

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