Nu Flow re-lines at Imas House

Johannesburg, Gauteng

The main 110mm PCV sewer pipe at Imas House was leaking in the basement of the six story building causing flooding and water damage. Replacing this pipe using traditional pipe replacement methods would involve chopping open the basement roof slab and part of the one wall. The building owners recognised Nu Flows pipe re-lining system to be the perfect solution.

African Pipe Relining, a Nu Flow licensee, did a CCTV pipe inspection to assess the condition of the pipe and locate the problem ares. African Pipe Relining proceeded to reline the pipe using Nu Flow’s pull-in-place structural liners working from existing access points and therefore caused absolutely NO damage to the basement.

African Pipe Relining were able to do the job in less than a day saving the client time and money.

No mess, no noise, no damage!
The end result is a new pipe within the original pipe.

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