Nu Flow “Re-Nu” pipes at Irene Primary School

Irene Primary School

Irene Primary School was officially opened in 1901 during the Anglo Boer War. Irene was at that time a concentration camp for Boer women and children. The camp commander saw the need for a school for the children in the camp and so he started Irene Camp School, with two hundred and sixty learners and six educators.

In 1954 the school was moved to its present site where the oldest existing part of the school consists of 3 classrooms which were built in 1922


Its no surprise a school with such aged infrastructure was experiencing piping problems. The school was experiencing continuous blockages on a couple of their earthenware 110mm sewer pipes due to root intrusion.

The school did not want to have the 200 meters of piping replaced because they run under corridors and paving.

Replacing them would result in major disruption and damage to the school. The corridors would need to be chopped open in sections and paving lifted. After the pipes were replaced, this damage would need to be patched up and paving relaid.


The school called in Nu Flow to provide a better, less disruptive solution.

Nu Flow unblocked the pipes using drain machines and high pressure jetting. Once all the pipes were unblocked and thoroughly cleaned, Nu Flow relined 200 meters of the old earthenware pipes using Nu Flow structural lining technology.

Epoxy saturated liners were pulled into the pipes. Within the liners is a rubber bladder, which is inf lated when the liners are in position. The bladder is left inf lated until the epoxy has cured. Once the epoxy has cured, the bladder is removed leaving behind a ‘nu pipe’ within the host pipe.

No damage to structures, no mess, no disturbance!
The end result is a new pipe with in the old pipe.

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