Sewer Renewal at King David School

King David School was established in 1955 to serve the education needs of the Jewish community in Gauteng.

A 160mm earthenware sewer line at the school was badly cracked and broken. The affected pipe is 86 metres long

The earthenware sewer was affected by root intrusion causing cracks and breaks in the line. Sections of the pipe run under the school buildings and paving. A pipe replacement would require lifting paving and chopping through floor slabs in some places.

Because conventional repairs would have been excessively disruptive to learners, school management sought a less disruptive, non-invasive solution.

A camera inspection established specific problem areas and formulated the most cost effective relining strategy. Nu Flow then cleaned the affected sections of blockages and root intrusion using Nu Flow’s micro cutter cleaning machine and specialized cleaning heads.

Nu Flow then relined the pipe using Nu Flow’s structural relining system. Made to measure epoxy saturated structural liners were winched into the pipes. Within the liner is a rubber bladder. Once the liner is in position the bladder is inflated and the epoxy left to cure. Once cured, the bladder was removed leaving a new seamless, continuous pipe within the host pipe with no joints meaning no future root intrusion can occur!

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