Nu Flow re-lines leaking storm water pipes at Klippaat Crescent

Woodmead Springs, Sandton, Gauteng

The home had multiple pipes of different diameters leaking into the balcony floor slab resulting in water damage.

The home owner did not want to replace the pipes using traditional methods due to the damage that would be caused to the balcony and walls below.

The home owner was delighted to discover Nu Flows nondestructive solution to the problem at hand.

Nu Flow South Africa used Nu Flow’s pull-in-place structural re-lining system to re-line the various pipe sizes ranging from 50mm to 110mm. All work was done working from existing access points and therefore absolutely NO damage was done to the balcony or walls of the home.

Nu Flow were able to do the job in less than a day saving the client time and money.

No mess, no noise, no damage!
The end result is a new pipe within the original pipe

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