Nu Flow re-lines at Kloof Village Mall

Kloof Village Mall, Kloof, Durban

At Kloof Village Mall, whenever it rained water seeped from the 110mm PVC full bores on the roof into the coffee shop below. The pipes had multiple displaced joints which allowed water to enter and flood the coffee shop. The management of Kloof Village Mall Shopping Centre were looking for a nondestructive solution to the problem as they did not want the inconvenience, mess, noise and downtime for the coffee shop associated with traditional pipe replacement.

They turned to Nu Flow for a suitable solution.

Ganga Plumbers, a Nu Flow licensee, re-lined the full bores with Nu flows pull-in-place structural liner system working from existing access points thereby causing no disruption to the coffee shop nor any structural damage to the building.

No mess, no noise, no damage!
The end result is a new pipe within the original pipe.

Are you concerned about elbows & tees in pipes?
Nu Flow can reline 90 degree bends & tees effortlessly!

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