Lapa uitgewers don’t just have “happily ever after” in their books

Lapa Uitgewers is a printing and publishing company who publish many Afrikaans books.

The companies 4 story offices in Pretoria were experiencing leak problems from some old steel 110mm and 160mm storm water pipes and two 110mm cast iron sewer stacks that had corroded through in places.
Lapa Uitgewers was concerned that their books would get damaged from the leaking pipes, especially the books they had stored in the basement.

Replacing the pipes was not an option. The pipes run within structural columns and walls. The company turned to Nu Flow for a better solution.

Nu Flow camera inspected the pipes to determine how much pipe is in need of lining and how much cleaning was needed.

The steel pipes were then cleaned and descaled using a Nu Flow micro cutter to remove all rust and scale build up. Once the pipes were cleaned and descaled and returned to their full diameter the pipes were relined using structural liners.

How it works:
An epoxy saturated liner is pulled into the pipe.
Within the liner is an inflatable bladder.
When the liner is in the correct position the bladder is inflated and left inflated until the epoxy has cured.

Once the epoxy has hardened the bladder is removed leaving behind a “nu pipe” within the host pipe, leaving the buildings operations to carry on happily ever after.

NO chopping open!
NO damage!
NO mess!

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