Matla Power Station

Nu Flow restore failing pipe systems at Matla Power Station

Matla Power Station, Mpumalanga

The power plant (Eskom) upgraded the old chiller plant, however the 110mm galvanized chiller pipes in the admin block were badly corroded and years of scale build up reduced their efficiency with the potential of leaking and causing damage to the building.

These pipes run within the structural columns and through the floor slabs of all six stories on all four sides of the building. Replacing these pipes was estimated to take four months as the job would involve erecting scaffolding around the entire building block, deface the building, replace the pipes and then patch up the extensive damage.

The extremely strict health and safety regulations at the power station further ruled out the option of replacing the pipes. Matla Power Station turned to Nu Flow for a better solution.

Nu Flow first sand blasted the inside of the pipes clean. Nu Flow then used their blow in place epoxy coating to reline all the 110mm chiller pipes on all six stories throughout the entire building without causing any damage to the admin block.

The job only took Nu Flow three days!

The end result:
A relined pipe repaired from the inside.

No Damage to the building!
No Chopping open!
No Mess!

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