Relining koi pond pipes at Meyersdyl Eco Estate

Koi Pond Koi pond at home in Meyersdal Eco Estate , Alberton , Guateng

110mm UPVC ow pipe feeding the Koi Pond

A 110mm UPVC pipe feeding the Koi Pond was leaking resulting in the pond loosing water. The pipe runs from a pump room to the pond underneath a rock feature made of large natural rocks.

Replacing this pipe would mean breaking, lifting and removing of all the natural rocks and stones that form part of the feature and part of the pump room. After the pipe is replaced, the damage to the pump room would need to be xed and the rocks repositioned.

Nu Flow South Africa relined the pipe with Nu Flow’s potable water pipe relining system. The pipe was rst sandblasted clean to remove any dirt and create a rough surface for the epoxy to adhere to. The epoxy was then air-blasted through the pipe network uniformly coating the pipe from the inside creating a barrier coating and sealing all the leaks. All work was done working from existing access points thereby causing no damage to the pond and surrounding features.

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