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Mmabatho Palms pipe renewal

Mmabatho Palms

Mmabatho Palms, a Casino and Resort in Mahikeng, North West were experiencing constant blockages in their kitchen floor drains.

The 4 start hotel called Nu Flow to investigate the cause of the constant blockages. Nu Flow technicians cleaned and CCTV camera inspected the inside of the floor drain pipes and effuent line into which they feed.

The camera inspection revealed that the bottom of the 110mm galvanised pipes was heavily corroded and in many sections completely eaten away thereby causing constant blockages. The pipes were in need of urgent refurbishment.

Mmmbatho Palms did not want to replace the pipes as the majority of the 140 meter pipe network in question runs under the expensive furnished building with 150 guest rooms, a conference centre, full-service spa, two outdoor pools, restaurant and bar.

Mmmabato Palms did not want to undergo a noisy and dusty traditional pipe replacement and close off sections of the facility while contractors jack hammer through floors, dig down to the pipes, replace the pipes, patch up the damage and retile the floors. Mmmbatho Palms chose to rather have the pipes relined with Nu Flow.

Nu Flow technicians relined the 14 floor drains and outlet line totaling roughly 130 meters of pipe using structural liners to create a “nu pipe” within the corroded host pipe.

All work was done working from the floor drains and manholes available thereby causing no major disruptions to the hotel and casinos day to day operations.

The pipe cleaning and relining took less than two weeks to complete which is a fraction of the time that a traditional pipe replacement would have taken. Hotel guests were able to continue enjoying the resorts facilities during the pipe rehabilitation process.

No chopping open! No Mess!
No damage to the building!

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