Monte Casino

Nu Flow relined Monte Casino

Monte Casino, owned by Tsogo Sun was completed in November 2000 and covers 26 hectares of land located in Fourways, Sandton. The casino has been meticulously designed to replicate an ancient Tuscan village. The main casino building has a fake sky painted on the roof, inside going from light to dark from one side to the other.

Nu Flow was called in to investigate a 110mm cast iron pipe which served as a collection of the floor drains and sewer pipes of both the Spur and Ocean Basket restaurants. The pipe was constantly blocking.

Replacing the problematic pipe was not an option for Monte Casino as the pipe runs under the deliveries entrance. A traditional pipe replacement would involve closing the delivery entrance for days while contractors chop through the floor slab, replace the pipe, and then patch up the damage.

Monte Casino turned to Nu Flow for a faster, Eco friendly, non-invasive solution.

Nu Flow was given a tight time span to do the work within – The Casino wanted the pipe lining done before the restaurants opened at lunchtime.
Nu Flow arrived on site at 7 am and relined the problematic pipe with Nu Flows structural lining technology within the required time frame.

An epoxy-saturated liner was pulled into each pipe. Within the liner is a rubber bladder, which was inflated when the liner was in position. The bladder was left inflated until the epoxy had cured. Once the epoxy had cured, the bladder was removed leaving behind a ‘nu pipe’ within the host pipe.

The relining was done working from an inspection eye and a manhole thereby causing no damage or disruptions to the casinos day to day operations. Deliveries to the casino were been offloaded while the pipe beneath the delivery entrance was been rehabilitated.

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