Relining pipes at Mountainview Shopping Centre

Mountainview Shopping Centre, Northcliff

The shopping centre was experiencing problems with a 160 mm earthenware sewer pipe running under the Woolworth Shop oor. The pipe was continually blocking and ooding the Woolworth Store

Chopping open the Woolworth Stores oor to replace the pipe was not an ideal option for the shopping centre especially due to the pipe been about 2 meters deep. A pipe replacement was estimated to take more than a week. Mountainview Shopping Centre turned to Nu Flow for a quicker, less disruptive solution.

Nu Flow camera inspected the line to identify the problematic areas and determined how much piping was in need of lining. Nu Flow then relined the pipe with Nu Flow’s structural lining technology. An epoxy saturated liner was pulled into the pipe. Within the liner is a rubber bladder which was inated when the liner was in position.

The bladder was left inated until the epoxy had cured. Once the epoxy had cured, the bladder was removed leaving behind a ‘nu pipe’ within the host pipe. The relining was done working from 2 manholes thereby causing absolutely no disruption to the Woolworths store. Shoppers were able to do their shopping unaware that the very pipe beneath them had been renewed!

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