Case Study - Multi-tenant building in PE

Industry / Market: Multi-tenant building in PE

Situation: The facility management team contact Nu Flow after it had been reported that the sanitary / sewer drainage  system on the 6th floor was leaking. Residents in the building were complaining about the rapidly growing damp in walls and the smell.

A CCTV Pipeline Inspection revealed voids, cracks and corrosion in the aged cast iron pipeline which ran between the 6th floor corridor and the 5th floor ceiling.

Solution: Open excavation was simply out of the question. Nu Flow’s solution to rehabilitate the lines from the inside,  allowed for non-displacement of the residents. After assessing the needs of the client (14m of 110mm diameter cast iron pipeline) and the project specifications, Nu Flow opted to use a combination of Ambient and Steam Curing. Once the relining was complete a flood test confirmed that the pipeline was completely seal. 

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