Hospital Avoids the Need to Relocate Patients With Nu Line

Nu Flow South Africa was able to offer a long-term fix to a top medical facility’s leaking pipe system. Renewing instead of re piping allows for less disruption and destruction to operations and can be performed around the clock.

Renew effluent pipe within Netcare Sunninghill Hospital, a top medical facility with Nu Line Epoxy Barrier Coating.

The 50mm in diameter effluent pipe with multiple 90-degree bends, which ran above the newborn baby high care unit.

The unit, which cares for vulnerable infants was experiencing dripping from the pipe in the 500mm thick waffle slab. The hospital management and staff did not want to have their infant patients exposed to these conditions.

If the customer had chosen a traditional re pipe, which was not a viable option, the high care unit equipment would have to be relocated, along with the newborn patients.

Nu Flow South Africa was able to offer the hospital an alternative to re piping that did not require relocation of equipment or patients. During the process, a plan was implemented to provide an efficient time line with minimal disruption. The work was performed at night and allowed for hospital staff to perform their duties, as well as coffee shop to continue serving visitors.

Using existing access points, the pipes were first cleaned to remove any buildup. An even coat of Nu Line epoxy was then applied to pipe walls and was cured by continuous controlled air being sent through the pipes. Once complete, a final leak test and inspection was performed to ensure the hospital’s pipes were operating efficiently.

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