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Katlehong Police Station

Keep the doors open with Nu Flow

DKPB Civil Engineering

Police Station, Masakhane street, Katlehong


DKPB Civil Engineering were replacing a 230mm concrete stormwater pipe at Katlehong Police Station. A section of the pipe however runs under the Police Station’s offices. A pipe replacement would require relocating the offices during the pipe replacement.

DKPB turned to Nu Flow for a better solution.


Nu Flow relined an 18 meter section of the 230mm pipe where it runs under the building using Nu Flow’s trenchless structural lining technology.

An epoxy saturated liner was pulled into the pipe. Within the liner is a rubber bladder which is inflated when the liner is in position.
The bladder is left inflated until the epoxy has cured. Once the epoxy has cured, the bladder is removed leaving behind a ‘nu pipe’ within the host pipe.

The relining was done working from manholes on either side of the building.

As a result of Nu Flow’s trench less technology, no disruption was caused to the Police Stations employees during the process – it was business as usual for SAPS!

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