Case Study - Potable Pipeline Rehabilitation Project

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the Potable Pipeline Rehabilitation Project in Middleburg, which took place last week. This significant achievement signifies our commitment to providing high-quality solutions for potable pipeline systems. The project’s completion reinforces our expertise in pipeline rehabilitation and our ability to deliver successful outcomes for our clients. We would like to extend our gratitude to our dedicated team and all parties involved in making this project a resounding success.

The project involved the rehabilitation of 55meter DN160 Fireline situated beneath a heavily trafficked road. Due to the challenging circumstances, excavation was not a viable option. However, our team successfully executed the project by implementing alternative rehabilitation methods. Despite the complexities posed by the busy road, we were able to ensure the structural integrity and functionality of the Fireline without disrupting traffic or causing inconvenience to the public. This accomplishment demonstrates our expertise in navigating difficult scenarios and finding innovative solutions for pipeline rehabilitation projects.


The preferred method of Rehabilitation was using ASOE Pipe-in Lining :

Pipe-in Liner is a Fabric Reinforced Flexible Plastic Hose (FRFPH).
The Pipe-in liner will work as a Pipe-in Liner solution is a structurally leakage-free liner inside the host pipes.
Pipe-in Liner solution is a structurally independent rehabilitation technology. The only connection between the host pipe and the liner is at both ends on the pipe as the liner works independently from the host pipe. The liner is rigid and maintains a round shape inside the host pipes when there is a vacuum inside the host pipe or when there is temporary external pressure on the host pipe.
Pipe-in Liner is flexible and can easily rehabilitate bent pipes of less than 45° to 90° with a 5D radius.
The nominal ID of host pipes: 50mm (2 inches)- 1200mm (48 Modified abrasion- inches)
Resistant PE layer Maximum length of each installation: up to 15000m (49,212ft)
Installation mode: Pull in U-shape Liners
Raw materials: high tenacity fabric reinforcement layer, abrasion-resistant PE cover, PE tube (USA – NSF61 certified), Potable Water Safety approved by NHFPC and Abrasion resistance (DIN53516) : 10.5 mm 3
Temperature of media: -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
Wall thickness: 6mm-8mm (0.236-0.315 inch)
Pulling speed: up to 400m/h
Service life duration: 50 years
Up to 120 bar pressure rated (dependent on Diameter and material Type.)

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