Case Study - Power Station

Industry / Market: Power Station, Mpumalanga

Situation: Power Stations use Clarifiers for various reasons such as for the clarification of the cooling tower make-up water and to clarify water, which will be used for potable water and demineralised water production. Clarifiers are designed to remove all the solid substances (suspended matter) – such as mud, clay and organic matter from the raw water. The water is fed into the clarifier through a centre pipe in the floor. The design of the clarifier guides the water flow in an upward direction through the primary section, downward into the secondary section where floc growth continues and eventually into the sedimentation area where the heavy flocculation particles settle down into the bottom of the clarifier basin.

Due to age, corrosion and rust the pipeline system feeding the water in and out of the clarifiers had started leaking. Nu Flow was contacted by client for a modern, non-evasive pipeline rehabilitation solution.

Solution: First Nu Flow inspected and cleaning out the damaged pipeline system. Once this was done over 90m’s of 110mm diameter pipeline was relined with Nu Flow patented blue epoxy and cured using Steam. With all the logistic included the project was completed on 10 days.

The end result:
A relined pipe repaired from the inside.

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